Specialty Agriculture

Optimal Plant Nutrition

ICL Specialty Fertilizers has developed specialized fertilizer products that match your application technique: foliar, drip or soil applied. The product ranges for Specialty Agriculture are divided according to these techniques. From exclusive controlled release technology to high-quality fertigation feeding and fast and effective foliar feeding, ICL has a nutritional solution that fits your production system.

The Optimal Plant Nutrition

Opting for productivity: Less is more!

Many factors influence yield and quality and the nutrition used is one of them. While the nutritional input is actually only a small percentage of the total cost of production, it has a major effect. Just consider: minerals and nutrients use only 4% of the total weight of the plant, but they contribute greatly to the plant’s growth. So using the right nutrients is crucial for managing the yield and quality of your crop.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ products and advisors help you get the best yield and the best return on investment.

Fertigation fertilizers

ICL Specialty Fertilizers leads the way in fertigation fertilizers ranging from straight single-fertigation fertilizers to high-value acidifying NPK formulations. Our years of intensive research, knowledge gained in the field and new partnerships have enabled us to create solutions that ensure an optimum plant response.

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Foliar Fertilizers

ICL Specialty Fertilizers' foliar nutritional solutions include the latest uptake additions and plant-health improvers. The portfolio comprises both water soluble and liquid products that give immediate results and others that are designed for preventative application.

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