ICL and Everris Limited - Growing Media Policy

Everris Limited, part of the ICL Group, manufactures growing media under the Levington Advance and Humax brands to growers, nurserymen and gardeners in the UK from its Scottish based factory. 

We recognise that peat bogs provide a unique habitat for flora and fauna. The finite nature of peat as a resource and the conservation value of undisturbed peatlands means that we will: 

  • not extract, or knowingly purchase, peat from high conservation value peatland including Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in England and Wales, Sites of Scientific Interest (SSI) in Scotland, Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI) in Northern Ireland or Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) in the Republic of Ireland or elsewhere in Europe.


  • ensure that peat is only sourced from production areas that are managed responsibly.


  • ensure peat production sites are managed in a way that minimizes any potential damage to the surrounding countryside and enables rehabilitation of the site after extraction has ceased and hence increase biodiversity.


  • leave a minimum of 0.5 metres of peat to facilitate rehabilitation.


  • consult with interested parties and establish appropriate after-use arrangements in accordance with any requirements specified in our planning consents.


  • work with industry bodies, customers and other relevant organizations to meet agreed targets of peat reduction wherever possible where they are consistent with the provision of cost-effective substrates.


The conservation of biodiversity and natural heritage is an integral part of good environmental management and is a core practice within ICL. We recognise that we have a responsibility in terms of managing our peat moors into the future and to ensure that species­ rich ecosystems are developed on former peat production areas. We shall facilitate the establishment of a framework for sustainable planning and development of our peat moors to maximize their environmental benefits once peat working finishes.