ProSelect turfgrass seed blends have been specifically created to produce the highest quality turf. Each blend enables turf managers to optimise their courses and grounds, saving
time and lowering costs to ensure playing surfaces offer the best experience for users.
Each variety has been developed through extensive breeding by ICL and its international partners to bring the most advanced, up-to-date material to the market. This synergy helps guide the continuous development and improvement of our blends.
ProSelect products are formulated with the best varieties available in our extensive portfolio and are independently tested to ensure outstanding levels of quality and germination. Country-specific blends are available to ensure the best results even through regional variation, and all blends are backed by local technical support teams, making them a dependable choice for professionals.


ProSelect 1 Premium Pitch

1 Premium Pitch

ProSelect 1 Premium Pitch offers outstanding turfgrass performance for surfaces used at the highest sporting level. Combining four top-ranked perennial ryegrasses, it provides a fast-recovering, dense, hard-wearing surface. With rapid establishment, it's well-suited to any high-calibre renovation programme.

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ProSelect Tees/Fairways


ProSelect 2 Tees/Fairways is a blend of fine fescues and perennial ryegrass creating a turf surface that can recover strongly from divoting. The blend contains Traction smooth-stalked meadow grass and Torsion TRT perennial ryegrass to provide rhizomatous and Turf Repairing Tiller (TRT) growth for extra durability and recovery from divots. 

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ProSelect Fescue Fairways

Fescue Fairways

ProSelect 3 Fairway Fescue is our premium fairway blend, ideal for new and existing fairway seeding. With natural tolerance to salinity, the blend is ideal for links environments and courses looking for shade and drought tolerance. The use of highly ranked varieties endorses their performance for UK conditions.

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ProSelect 80/20 Greens

80/20 Greens

Proselect 4 80/20 is a traditional fescue/bent grass blend. Heritage browntop bent is a newly listed Agrostis which maintains excellent winter and summer colour. The blend is further improved through the incorporation of high-performing fine fescues.

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ProSelect Fescue Greens

Fescue Greens

ProSelect 5 Fescue Green is a combination of Slender and Chewings fescue selected for their high shoot density, tolerance to close mowing and excellent disease tolerance. For courses with a lower input system of minimum sustainable nutritional levels and little or no fungicide, this seed blend is an excellent choice. Using only high ranked STRI-listed varieties, this blend is ideal for those wishing to produce turf sustainability.

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ProSelect Classic


ProSelect 6 Classic is an all-purpose seed blend that can be used for a variety of turfgrass applications. This blend contains Torsion TRT Perennial ryegrass offering the unique Turf Repairing Tiller growth habit. Its highly dense fine leaf texture surpresses weed invasion and comlements the fine fescue elements of the blend.

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ProSelect Sport TRT

Sport TRT

ProSelect 7 Sport TRT is designed as a sports renovation blend that offers the surface characteristics of ProSelect 1 Premium Pitch and the unique hardiness of Torsion TRT spreading ryegrass. Torsion is classed as a small-seeded variety, therefore there are up to 15% more seeds when compared with many other varieties. This blend provides a 100% perennial ryegrass blend for multi-use and adaptable management.

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ProSelect All Bent

All Bent

Proselect 8 All-Bent is a blend of Agrostis capillaris designed for golf and bowling green renovation as well as the establishment of newly constructed greens. The blend forms a highly competitive surface for out-competing Poa annua. Deep rooting, vibrant summer and winter colour further enhances this blends appeal.

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ProSelect Riptide


Riptide has now earned No.1 ranking on the STRI list as well as throughout the Nordics. Riptide exhibits great summer and winter performance with exceptional drought and cold tolerance. It has a high resistance to the major turf diseases, in particular Microdochium Patch.

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ProSelect Cricket


There are many factors determining the playability of a cricket square. Turfgrass choice is just one of them but forms an integral part of providing stability to the wicket construction. ProSelect 10 Cricket combines the best characteristics of three perennial ryegrasses to create a rapidly establishing blend that offers dense cover and deep rooting capabilities. The inclusion of Torsion TRT adds a unique ingredient for improved recovery and visual appeal.

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ProSelect Speed Germ

Speed Germ

Designed for early and late season use when ground temperatures are lower than optimal. ProSelect 11 Speed Germ provides cold tolerance whilst delivering rapid establishment and excellent disease tolerance. Speed Germ uses diploid perennial ryegrasses which consistently deliver superior turf quality characteristics compared with tetraploids and annual ryegrasses.

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Proselect Heritage


Now nationally listed in the UK, Heritage Browntop bent is ideal for over-seeding golf and bowling greens. Heritage has an excellent shoot density and visual appearance aided by excellent tolerance to Micorodochium Patch. Heritage also retains good winter colour and a vibrant green in summer.

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ProSelect Landscape


ProSelect Landscape combines two new perennial ryegrasses from the ICL stable, Greenplanet and Groundforce with a strong creeping red fescue to form a multipurpose, turf seed blend for high quality lawns, landscaping and recreational area.

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ProSelect Piranha


Piranha is a brand-new creeping bent grass, from the same stable as Riptide. Piranha offers early spring green up, producing a dark green colour as well as excellent Anthracnose, Dollar spot and Brown patch disease tolerance

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